Are energy efficient windows worth it?

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It’s the middle of winter. Your house is warm and homey. You walk down the hall, pass by a window, and feel a cold breeze. What? It may be time to change your windows!   Here is where the chill is coming from. Generally, all encasing elements of your home (roof, exterior ...

Energy Efficient Home Ideas—What Type of Fireplace For An Art Studio in Toronto?

My home is in Toronto; I have a shack in my backyard that I use as an art studio. Sometimes I spend hours in my studio to the point that it has literally become my second home. During the winters I’ve ...AnswerGas fireplaces are currently more efficient that wood burning fireplaces.  Unfortunately i don't have enough information to give you more details and would need more information from you ...
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Windows for Your Home’s Replacements

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The best windows for your home’s replacements are the ones that reduce your overall costs while increasing the value of your home and equity. With countless options to choose from, the right upgrade may seem elusive, but a few simple things to keep your eyes open for can make the ...
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Energy Efficient Windows: Save More!

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Looking for energy efficient windows for your home or business? If you’re interested in doing your part to protect the environment and to save big bucks on heating and cooling costs, there are a few simple tips that can help guide you to the best possible window upgrades on the market ...
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Energy Efficient Houses: The Key to Success

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The most energy efficient houses all have one thing in common. They all have the most efficient windows and doors available. With as much as fifty percent of a home’s heating and cooling lost through windows and doors, they’re arguably the most important factor to consider when attempting ...
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Custom Made Entry Doors

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Custom made entry doors fabricated by the best in the business can go a long way towards increasing the energy efficiency of your home. The latest techniques and materials allow for some truly spectacular looking finished projects that are sure to improve the overall look of your ...

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